Ellen Oler, LCSW

Ellen Oler LCSW

Ellen Oler is no longer accepting new clients in her therapy practice.

I have been in practice as a therapist since 1983. I believe in each person's natural inclination towards wholeness. My approach to therapy is grounded in the knowledge that while growing up we have experiences that interfere with the smooth unfolding of who we really are. These hurtful experiences prevent us from being our best selves. We also have experiences and relationships that nurture us, give us resilience, and unleash our full potential. The more we can understand and make sense of those forces, the more we can maximize those that support us and overcome those that hurt us; the more we can actively create the life we want for ourselves.

Therapy helps a person to identify and strengthen those positive forces which have worked FOR them in their lives, and to understand and tame those which undermine them. Therapy provides a safe, supportive, non-judgmental relationship in which to take the risks involved in going after what we want and need.

Most of us spend large portions of our lives working. Positive work experiences require healthy working relationships. When I do Consultation and Training, I draw on my 17 years of experience with EAP's when working with individuals and organizations to create healthy, productive work experiences for employees at all levels.