About Ellen Oler LCSW

Ellen Oler LCSW

Ellen Oler is no longer accepting new clients in her therapy practice.

Words that have been used by clients and colleagues to describe me are: relaxed, smart, intense, passionate, energetic, action-oriented, practical, solution-focused, reliable, funny, professional and supportive. It is obvious to anyone who works with me that I truly enjoy my work, which I experience as an organic expression of who I am as a person. My style is engaged, authentic, open, and loving.

Helping people is something that I grew up with. My father is an Episcopal minister, and one of my most personally defining experiences was as a Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal, West Africa in the mid- 1970's.

I attended the American College in Paris and was a psychology major at the University of Colorado, from which I graduated in 1974. Having completed an internship in a community mental health center near Denver, I knew that I wanted to be a therapist. Yet I was not ready to go right on with school - I wanted to travel and experience other ways of life first. That was when I joined the Peace Corps. After that I spent a few more years experimenting in different fields of work, including the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, before settling down to complete my graduate education at UCLA. I received a Masters in Social Work in 1981 and went to work at a small inpatient psychiatric hospital in Connecticut with adolescents and adults, where I learned more about therapy than I could have in another 10 years of school! Before moving to New York in 1985, I worked for an adoption agency where I had the profound experience of placing infants and children with adoptive families. All of these experiences have been both humbling and inspiring.

For over 20 years, I have been in private practice and worked in a variety of corporate settings in Employee Assistance Programs. (See Consultation) Since 2000, I have been exclusively in private practice in Brooklyn Heights and Midtown Manhattan.

Specialized training and certification over the years since graduate school include the following:

I live in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn with my husband, Jeremy, and our college-age daughter. I am active in my community and my church. I am a devoted practitioner of yoga and believe deeply in the importance of the body and the breath, as well as spiritual practice in our lives. I draw on the lessons I learn daily from my family and my own personal growth to inform my work.