The Relaxation Game:
Helping Kids Calm Down at Bedtime or Anytime

The Relaxation Game Cover Image

The Relaxation Game book and CD set teaches any parent or caregiver how to help a child calm themselves through guided imagery. The CD contains four guided imagery narrations which may be used as-is or adapted to your own child's ideas and imagination.

With the information in the Guide For Parents, parents and children will learn to devise their own bedtime guided imagery and personalize the experience. Using the "Relaxation Game" at bedtime provides a nice ritual of connection to end the day.

The progressive relaxation techniques you'll learn can be used any time for a child to slow down: at naptime, after a frustrating moment at the playground, in a time-out. The techniques are applicable to children of any age, and adults can benefit from them too.

"I strongly recommend The Relaxation Game. It is a way for kids to learn to relax themselves."

- Edna Pytlak, M.D., pediatrician