Ellen Oler is no longer accepting new clients in her therapy practice.


I have worked as a mental health consultant with businesses, non-profit organizations and churches for over 17 years.

During those years, I have been:


Clients have included the following corporations and institutions:


I have worked for and with EAP's since 1985. I have been both an internal EAP provider (for Merrill Lynch and Newsday) and an external consultant assisting a wide variety of corporations and organizations. In those roles, I have provided:

I am available to work directly with EAP providers in any or all of these areas.


Many of us face concerns about family members that we are unsure how to address. These may include issues related to:

It may not be necessary to enter therapy over these concerns, but an objective opinion provided by an informed professional would really help to clarify options and identify resources. I have provided many such consultations, which have generally taken only a few sessions and left family members feeling relieved and with a clear sense of direction.